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HPA website accessibility policy

Meeting users' needs

Our website was created by a process of user-centred design. Focus groups and user testing techniques were used during the design and development of the website. Disabled users were among those who tested the website via Shaw Trust.

All of our website users should be able to carry out all tasks on our website including navigating the site, filling in forms, reading content and downloading content. The HPA website is enabled for Browsealoud – users can download a program which reads aloud web page and PDF document content.
As a standard, we employ all the following methods to ensure our site is accessible to as many people as possible:

  • Providing a high contrast version of the website for users with visual difficulties
  • Maintaining a standard layout and navigation structure throughout
  • Using headings, paragraphs, lists and other HTML (HyperText Markup Language) to create logical document structure. This makes it easier for screen readers to work out the structure of a page
  • Allowing users to resize all text using their browser settings
  • Making Browsealoud available to ensure that all pages can be read out loud to any visitors
  • Using alt attributes and/or titles on all images, where appropriate, and ensuring that all alt and title attributes are meaningful
  • Ensuring all hyperlinks use descriptive and meaningful text
  • Providing access keys to allow keyboard navigation to the main areas of the site
  • Being committed to Plain English in all our written content
  • Designing our site without the use of tables except where we need to represent normally tabulated content i.e data tables
  • Using a sans-serif font for easier readability
  • Not using all-capitals for emphasis

The levels of accessibility we comply with

We comply with the UK government standards minimum recommendation of:
Web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG) 1.0 AA

These web standards are available on the COI (Central Office of Information) website: (external link)

Shaw Trust website accessibility accreditation

The HPA website achieved Shaw Trust accessible website accreditation on 28th July 2010.

This included a full technical audit and rigorous disability user testing.

Maintaining an accessible site is an ongoing process and we are continually working to offer a user friendly experience. However, if you have any problems using this website please contact us.

Last reviewed: 15 September 2010