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Genitourinary Medicine Clinic Activity Dataset (GUMCADv2)

The Genitourinary Medicine Clinic Activity Dataset version 2 (GUMCADv2) is a anonymised patient-level electronic dataset collecting information on diagnoses made and services provided by GUM clinics and other commissioned Level 2 (non-GUM) sexual health services . GUMCADv2 is an approved mandatory dataset.

Traditionally, GUM clinics were the main providers of sexual health services and national surveillance was based around this setting. However, government initiativesi,ii, have encouraged development of services in primary and community care settings to increase patient choice and access to sexual health care and reduce sexually transmitted infection (STI) transmission. GUMCADv2 has now been expanded to cover all settings commissioned to offer a Level 2 sexual health service. Expanding GUMCADv2 to these settings will enable the collection of comprehensive data on STI testing, vaccination, diagnosis and management across all commissioned sexual health services in England thereby enabling robust epidemiological analyses of STI-related trends, risk factors and service provision.

From January 2012 all Level 3 and Level 2 sexual health services have a mandatory obligation to complete and return GUMCADv2 to Public Health England (PHE) (formally HPA). Further information on how to complete, extract and send the dataset to the GUMCAD team are provided in the guidance documents below.

GUMCADv2 Guidance Documents:

GUMCADv2 Starter Pack (PDF, 563 KB) 
GUMCADv2 Guidance to Clinic Staff (Word Document, 594 KB) 
GUMCADv2 Technical Guidance and Specification for Data Extract (Word Document, 532 KB) 
GUMCADv2 SHHAPT Code Lookup (PDF, 97 KB)

Other Useful Documents:

GUMCADv2 Frequently Asked Questions (PDF, 377 KB) 
SHHAPT Frequently Asked Questions (PDF, 257 KB) 
HIV & STI Web Portal User Guide will be available soon

Accessing GUMCAD Data

The principles for accessing, storing and sharing GUMCAD data are given in the PHE HIV and STI Data Sharing Policy (PDF, 334 KB).  The dataset can be accessed in the following ways:

1.  Tables published on the HPA website.  These present data on diagnoses of STIs and related service provision at Local Authority (Upper and Lower) and national levels.  Data are also presented in a standard STI slide set.

2.  GUMCAD reporting tools. These can be used to generate data reports for monitoring local, regional and national public health priorities. The reports, which are available on the HIV & STI Web Portal, are restricted for use by nominated government, NHS and public health organisations. A description of the restricted access data reports which are or will soon be available is given in the GUMCAD Automated Report Specification (PDF, 330 KB).

3.  Sexual Health Profiles.  These use interactive InstantAtlas®6 mapping tools to present data on key sexual health information at Local Authority (Upper and Lower) and national levels.

4.  Local Authority STI Epidemiology Reports (LASERs). The aim of these reports is to describe sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the local area to inform local Joint Strategic Needs Assessments (JSNAs) so that commissioners can effectively target service provision. LASERs are published annually and distributed to commissioners via their local Field Epidemiology Service units.

5.  Clinic Feedback Reports. These reports provides clinics submitting GUMCADv2 with summary data on quality, patient demographics and epidemiological analyses of services provided and diagnoses made. Reports are disseminated to clinics via their local Field Epidemiology Service units.

Sexual and Reproductive Health Activity dataset

The Sexual and Reproductive Health Activity Dataset (SRHAD) has been developed to replace the KT31 return by the DH to capture contraception and other sexual and reproductive health activities. SRHAD, together with GUMCADv2 will form the basis for a standardised sexual health dataset collected from clinical settings across England. For further details see the SRHAD website [external link].

Proposed GUMCADv2 and SRHAD Changes for 2014

PHE in consultation with the BASHH/Faculty Combined Information Group would like to introduce some minor improvements to the GUMCADv2 and SRHAD, these are summarised in the GUMCADv2 and SRHAD 2014 Amendments (Excel Spreadsheet, 81 KB). Please email if you require any further information.

Contact Information

If you need further information, including access permission, please contact the GUMCAD helpdesk at

i Department of Health. The national strategy for sexual health and HIV. London: Department of Health. July 2001.
ii Sexual Health Team. Integrating the National Strategy for Sexual Health and HIV with Primary Medical Care Contracting. Report no: Gateway ref 4138. Department of Health, 2005.


Last reviewed: 19 December 2013