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Worldwide TB Surveillance Data

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates there were 8.6 million incident cases of tuberculosis in the world in 2012 (range, 8.3 million – 9.0 million), a rate of 122 cases per 100,000 population (range, 117 - 127) (see Table 1). It is also estimated that there were 12 million prevalent tuberculosis cases (range, 11 million – 13 million).

Tuberculosis deaths were estimated at 1.3 million; of these, 0.32 million tuberculosis deaths occurred in HIV-positive people (range, 0.30 million - 0.34 million) (classified as HIV deaths according to International Classification of Diseases), 0.41 million deaths occurred among women, and 170,000 tuberculosis deaths occurred among MDR-TB patients (range, 102,000-242,000).

Table 1. WHO estimates of tuberculosis incidence by WHO region, 2012

WHO Region Number of cases
Rate per 100,000
Africa 2300 255
The Americas 280 29
Eastern Mediterranean 670 109
Europe 360 40
South-East Asia 3400 187
Western Pacific 1600 87
Global 8600 122

 WHO estimates by country

WHO estimates of tuberculosis incidence by country, for 2012, are available as convenient tables (prepared from data downloadable from the WHO website):

Further information

The WHO Stop TB Strategy and Global Plan to Stop TB present global targets for the control of tuberculosis, and progress towards achieving these targets is assessed in the latest WHO report.  For more information, visit:

Note: Data presented here are an extract of data available for download from the WHO website.  Only 'best estimate' figures of incidence are included here. Uncertainty bounds for these estimates are included in data downloadable from the WHO website and should be referred to if further interpretation of the figures is required.  Details of the methods used for the estimation of incidence can be found in the WHO Global tuberculosis report 2013 [external link].

Source: WHO TB burden estimates in the Global tuberculosis report 2013. Accessed 22/11/2013.