Countries A-Z: health needs relating to country of origin

Please use the A-Z list below and/or the world region filters on the left hand menu to find country-specific information relevant to migrant health. 

The countries included in this site have been prioritised for inclusion based on the number of migrants from the country in the UK, and their likely health needs based on disease epidemiology. Countries with a similar epidemiological profile to the UK are not included. 

Note that statements related to the risk of diseases/conditions in particular countries are based on the latest data available from WHO. HIV and malaria statements are based respectively on UNAIDS data and the Guidelines for malaria prevention in travellers from the UK. For further information about the risk categories used please see Country risk category definitions (PDF, 94 KB)

Please remember that many factors influence an individual's health including age, gender, ethnicity, culture and socioeconomic circumstances, and that country of origin only forms part of the assessment of any individual's likely health needs (see Assessing Migrant Patients).  Be aware that certain groups of migrants are particularly vulnerable and make use of interpretation services as necessary.

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