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Respiratory and Systemic Infection Laboratory (RSIL)


Respiratory and Systemic Infection Laboratory
Public Health England CfI Colindale
61 Colindale Avenue
London NW9 5HT


Hays DX address
Public Health England Colindale, SRMD (RSIL)
Colindale NW


Tel: 020 8200 4400
Fax: 020 8205 6528


(Image supplied courtesy of Dr A Efstratiou)

The Respiratory and Systemic Infection Laboratory (RSIL) is situated in the Public Health England Centre for Infections (PHE CfI), Colindale, London.

RSIL is a national and international reference laboratory for a number of bacteria responsible for respiratory and systemic infection and receives bacterial isolates and clinical samples, eg urines, from PHE, National Health Service and commercial laboratories throughout the UK. The diagnostic and reference samples received are analysed by a wide range of methodologies in accordance with customer needs.

The laboratory includes the PHE Reference Units for streptococci, diphtheria, haemophili, mycoplasma, legionella, respiratory chlamydiae and bordetella. The first three of these units are WHO Collaborating Centres and as such provide laboratory and advisory support for national (and other) centres worldwide. The laboratory and its staff work closely with other colleagues in the PHE-CfI and beyond on the diagnosis and surveillance of infections within its remit.

The Respiratory and Systemic Infection Laboratory is resourced to provide a range of free of charge reference services to NHS and PHE laboratories in England and Wales. A number of referred (charged for services) associated with primary diagnostic activity are also provided to NHS and PHE laboratories in England and Wales, and these are subject to a charge. Tests provided to laboratories in England and Wales, for which a charge is levied, are indicated as such in the relevant sections of the User Manual. All submissions for both reference and referred testing from laboratories outside England and Wales are subject to charging. Please note this includes all work undertaken for Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Republic of Ireland.

For enquiries regarding the level of charging for individual tests, please contact the laboratory director and or Unit Heads for the details.