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Blood Borne Viruses Unit (BBVU)

Virus Reference Department
Microbiology Services Colindale

61 Colindale Avenue
London NW9 5EQ

DX 6530006

Tel: 020 8327 6234
Fax: 020 8200 1569

Head of Unit:
Professor Richard Tedder
Tel: 020 8327 6109/6553


Richard Tedder has a joint appointment with the HPA, the NHS Blood and Transplant Service (NHSBT) and UCL. The Blood Borne Virus Unit is engaged in research and development on Hepatitis Viruses and works closely with the Seromolecular Services Unit (SSU) and the NHSBT.

Some of the work of the HPA Blood Borne Virus Unit is around improving blood safety. This is funded by NHSBT and members of the unit work closely with colleagues in the NHSBT/HPA Epidemiology Unit.

Clinical scientists:

Siew Lin Ngui  ( 020 8327 6555
Samreen Ijaz  ( 020 8327 6554
Simon Carne ( 0208 327 6971

NHSBT secondment: Kate Tettmar (

Biomedical scientists:

Ruth Parry ( 020 8327 6202

Healthcare scientists:

Shoshanna May  ( 020 8327 6234

Renata Szypulska ( 020 8327 6234

Reference services available:

  • HAV RNA detection and phylogenetics from plasma
  • Hepatitis B (HBV) sequencing and phylogenetics
  • HBV antiviral resistance testing
  • Screening for HBsAg mutation
  • Screening for pre-core & BCP mutation
  • Hepatitis C (HCV) sequencing and phylogenetics
  • Real time HDV RNA detection
  • Real time HEV RNA assay
  • HEV RNA detection and phylogenetics from plasma

S10 HBV sequencing request form (PDF, 376 KB).  

  • Outbreak/transimission event investigation for HAV, HBV, HCV and HEV

For all other hepatitis virus investigations please contact:
Mr Nigel Wallis
Tel: 020 8327 6971
SSU main office: 020 8327 7262
S1 Hepatitis viruses investigation form (PDF, 408 KB).

Further details of samples required - please contact Seromolecular Services Unit (SSU)

Our diagnostic development activities include:

  • Real time HAV RNA assay
  • HBsAg Quantification - available on request
  • Anti-HBc avidity testing - available on request
  • HBeAg Quantification
  • HCV antigen testing
  • HDV genotyping.

Our Surveillance activities include:

Our Research activities include:

  • Epitope mapping of HBsAg variants including vaccine escape variants
  • In vitro complementation of HBsAg
  • PhD studentship on in vitro HBV phenotyping
  • Blood safety studies in collaboration with NHSBT.

Recent publications

For further details of recent publications of members of the Blood Borne Virus Unit

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