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Enteric Virus Unit (EVU)

Tel: 020 8200 4400 ext 6025
Fax: 020 8205 8195

Unit Head: Dr Miren Iturriza
Tel: 020 8327 6225
Technical Manager: Dr Chris Gallimore
Tel 020 8327 6154

The Enteric Virus Unit (EVU), part of the Virus Reference Department at Microbiology Service Colindale, provides diagnostic and reference services for a wide range of enteric viral pathogens and is involved in national and international outbreak investigations.

Diagnostic methods and virus characterisation are available, using both classical and molecular methods, for astroviruses, enteroviruses, enteric adenoviruses, noroviruses (previously known as Norwalk-like viruses or small round structured viruses), rotaviruses and sapoviruses (previously known as Sapporo-like viruses). A comprehensive sequence database of characterised norovirus, sapovirus, astrovirus and rotavirus strains, including geograhical and temporal distributions and the genetic diversity of co-circulating strains, has been established in collaboration with the Bioinformatics Unit

The EVU collaborates with Public Health England, NHS and academic staff in the structured surveillance of enteric virus infections and associated outbreaks.

The EVU includes the WHO UK Polio Laboratory which undertakes the isolation and characterisation of poliovirus strains ( Q.SOP31) , determines poliovirus immunity and collaborates with NIBSC and the WHO on the laboratory aspects of the worldwide poliovirus eradication campaign.

Staff of the EVU are principal investigators or collaborators on research projects funded through externally awarded grants from the MRC, NHS Executive, EU and the Wellcome Trust and the active research programme is reflected in publications and presentations at national and international meetings. The EVU collaborates with industry in the evaluation of products for the diagnosis and characterisation of enteric virus infections.