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FW&E Laboratory, Porton

Transferring oyster flesh at Southampton laboratory

The HPA Specialist Microbiology Service has a FW&E Laboratory near Salisbury.

The FW&E Microbiology Laboratory, Porton, provides diagnostic microbiological testing services for the examination of food, water and environmental samples. It provides public health focused testing in line with regulation and guidance for a range of stakeholders including: local authorities, Port health authorities, the NHS and commercial companies.

The laboratory serves the south of England.

FW&E Microbiology Laboratory, Porton

Unit head and food examiner: Dr Caroline Willis

Laboratory manager : David Lamph

Food examiners: Dr Sue Jones, David Lamph, Kevin Longmaid, Marie Owen, Amisha Vibhakar, Caroline Weller and Dr Caroline Willis.

Laboratory services

The FW&E Microbiology Laboratory, Porton, is recognised as an Official Control Laboratory and is accredited to ISO 17025. It provides microbiology testing services, advice, training and consultancy for clients.

The laboratory carries out a wide range of microbiological tests including:

  • general hygiene screens for food samples and surface swabs
  • presence of pathogens such as salmonella, listeria, campylobacter, vibrio and E. coli O157
  • spoilage organisms such as yeasts and moulds
  • shelf-life tests for foods
  • swimming and spa pool water quality
  • dairy product testing including determination of phosphatase
  • Legionella and pseudomonas in water supplies
  • endoscopy rinse water and renal dialysis water (including endotoxin testing)
  • support for investigation of outbreaks

Staff at Porton can carry out sampling of food, water and environmental samples (including air sampling) on request. Highly qualified laboratory staff can visit premises to take samples if required (which is also covered by UKAS accreditation) and advise on the interpretation of results. The laboratory also accepts samples for endotoxin and chemistry tests, which are sub-contracted to an appropriate laboratory.

Specialist Microbiology Services

As well as the FW&E laboratories, Specialist Microbiology Services (SMS) manage a chain of microbiology laboratories which provide clinical testing and diagnostic services to the NHS and health sector.

Contact details:

HPA Microbiological Services
FW&E Microbiology Laboratory, Porton
Office telephone number: 01980 616766/ 6161776
Office fax number: 01980 616765

UKAS accreditation no: 1645 
Certificate as PDF [external link]