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Gaseous Disinfection


Many industries including the NHS, pharmaceutical and food sectors use gaseous disinfection to ensure a safe patient or working environment and for the decontamination of equipment and facilities, or to manage accidental contamination of indoor environments.

The Biosafety Unit are experienced in carrying out gaseous disinfection and in assessing the effectiveness of air disinfection units either in our own laboratories or environmental chamber (20m³) at Porton Down or working with manufacturers in hospitals to evaluate their products. This expertise is applied by:

  • Evaluating gaseous room decontamination technologies under controlled and reproducible conditions using a range of microorganisms either in high containment cabinets (1m³), or environmental chamber (20m³) at Porton Down
  • Testing novel gaseous disinfection systems to assist manufacturers develop their products
  • Providing training and expert advice to Government bodies, the NHS as well as the commercial sector

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