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Publications, Posters and Abstracts

Biosafety units abstracts, poster and publications


Microbial Aerosols Risk Assessment:

Bennett, AM, Burns, G, Christiansen, A,  Davies, A, Kallings, I, Kampert, E, McAdam, S,,Mertsching, J, Sheeley, H, Summermatter, K, Szekely Björndal, Å, Ozin, A. Defining the role of ECDC in biosafety: establishment of a Biorisk Expert* Group. EBSA 2010. Abstract and Poster.

Defining the role of ECDC in biosafety: establishment of a Biorisk Expert Group (PDF, 1.4 MB)

Bennett, AM & Parks, SR (2006). Microbial aerosol generation during laboratory accidents and subsequent risk assessment J. Appl Micro (published on line)

Bennett, AM, Fulford, MR, Walker, JT, Bradshaw, DJ, Martin, MV & Marsh, PD (2000). Microbial aerosols in general dental practice. Brit. Dent. J. 189 664-667.

Lever, MS, Williams, A & Bennett, AM (2000). Survival of Mycobacterial species in aerosols generated from artificial saliva. Lett. Appl. Micro. 31 238-241.

Biocontainment Testing of Laboratories and Equipment:

Smith C. L, M. C. R. Guest, J. B. Vrublevskis, A. M. Bennett, M. S. Roberts, J. T. Walker, R. C. E. Baker, C. A. Grant. Mars sample return - a feasibility study for a sample receiving facility. 2010 Presented at the Meteorological Society Annual Meeting New York, USA.

MetSoc 2010 poster v1.pdf (PDF, 476 KB)

Bennett, AM, Parks, SR & Dennis, M. (2005). Containment testing of negative pressure isolators used to house laboratory animals infected with BL3 agents. Lab. Animals

Bennett, AM, Parks, SR & Benbough, JE (2005). Development of particle tracer techniques to measure the effectiveness of high containment laboratories. Appl. Biosafety 10, 139-150.

Bennett A, S Parks, J Lakeman, N Silman, H Sheeley, K Thompson, J Walker, C Ryan  2010. Generating the evidence base for BSL4 practice and procedure. ABSA 2010. Abstract.

Dexterity Issues In Biocontainment:

Sawyer, J and Bennett, A (2006). Comparing the level of dexterity offered by latex and nitrile gloves. Ann. Occup Hyg. (published on line)

Air Disinfection:

Davies A, T Pottage, A  Bennett, J Walker. 2010. A review of gaseous and air decontamination technologies for clostridium difficile in the healthcare environment. Journal of Hospial Infection. "In Press".

Pottage T, JT Walker and A Bennett. 2010. Chemical and Biological Substances Decontamination Study for Mars Missions and Terrestrial Applications. Cospar, Germany.Abstract and Oral Presentation.

Pottage T, JT Walker and ABennett. 2010. Development of a complimentary low temperature decontamination technique for spacecraft materials. Cospar, Germany. Abstract and Oral Presentation.

Rohr T, C Weber, M Eesbeek, G Kminek, 2009. Sterilization compatibility for vapour hydrogen peroxide and dry heat sterilization with non-metallic materials  Conference Proceeding Manuscript - 11th International Symposium on materials in space environment, Aix en Provence, France. Abstract and Oral Presentation.

Pottage T, C. Richardson, S. Parks, J. T. Walker and A. M. Bennett. 2009.  Evaluation of hydrogen peroxide gaseous disinfection systems to decontaminate viruses. Journal of Hospital Infection.  74(1):55-61.

Griffiths, WD, Bennett, AM, Speight,S & Parks, S. (2005) Determining the performance of a commercial air purification system for reducing airborne contamination using model micro-organisms: A new test methodology. J. Hosp. Inf. 61 242-247.


Vassey M, Budge C,  T Jones, T Poolman, D Perrett, N Nayuni, P Bennett, P Groves, A Smith, M Fulford, PD Marsh,  N Raven, JT Walker and JM Sutton.  2010. A quantitative assessment of residual protein levels on dental instruments reprocessed by manual, ultrasonic and automated cleaning methods.  British Dental Journal. "In Press".

Ungurs M, O'Brien S, Dixon D, Walker J and Sutton JM. 2010. The effectiveness of sodium dichloroisocyanurate treatments against Clostridium difficile spores contaminating stainless steel. American Journal of Infection Control. "In Press".

Walker, JT, R Kingston and K Chell. 2010. Evaluation of washer disinfector for use in dental practices. IADR, Barcelona 2010. Abstract and Poster Presentation

Evaluation of washer disinfectors for use in dental practices: IADR 2010 (PDF, 583 KB)

Speight S, S Parks, M Carpenter and A Bennett. 2009. The Independent Evaluation of Novel Interventions Aimed at the Healthcare Environment is Critical to Provide Guidance on Use and Aid Purchasing Decisions. HPA conference Abstract and Poster.

Ungurs M,  Hesp JR, Poolman T, McLuckie G, O'Brien S, Murdoch H, Wells P, Raven NDH, Walker JT and Sutton JM. 2009. Quantitative measurement of the efficacy of protein removal by cleaning formulations; comparative evaluation of prion-directed cleaning chemistries. Journal of Hospital Infection. 74(2):144-51.

Walker JT, C. Budge, M. Vassey, J.M. Sutton, PD Marsh, P Bennett and N.D. Raven.  2009. vCJD and the cleanability of endodontic files - a case for single-use. ENDO.  3, 115-120.

Walker, J, T Pottage,S Hovland and A Bennett. 2010. A review of biofilm decontamination in space module habitats and on space suits. Biofilms 4, Winchester UK. 2010. Abstract.

Prevention of Nosocomial Infection:

Bennett A,  KA Thompson, G Thomson, H Mittal, S Parks, B Dove, S Speight, J Walker, J Pappachan and P Hoffman. Evaluating the transmission risk of influenza via aerosols in intensive care units. EBSA 2010. Abstract

Thompson KA, G Thomson, H Mittal, S Parks, B Dove, S Speight, J Walker, J Pappachan, P Hoffman and A Bennett. 2010. Assessment of the risk of aerosol transmission of influenza in intensive care units. ABSA 2010. Abstract.

Thompson KA, G Thomson, H Mittal, S Parks, B Dove, S Speight, J Walker, J Pappachan, P Hoffman and A Bennett. 2010. Assessment of the risk of aerosol transmission of influenza virus in intensive care units during suspected aerosol generating procedures.  HPA Pandemic flu conference, London. Abstract.

Chitnis, R.  J Walker, S Speight, J Ward, M Farries and A Bennett et al. 2009.  Use of Hyperspectral Imaging to detect HCAI microorganisms. HPA conference Warwick.

Use of Hyperspectral Imaging to detect HCAI microorganisms (PDF, 420 KB)

Thompson KA,  S Parks, J Walker and A Bennett. 2009. Aerosolized Survival of Staphylococcus epidermidis. HPA conference Warwick. Abstract and Poster.

Aerosolised survival of staphylococcus (PDF, 437 KB)

Davies A, G Thomson, JT Walker, A Bennett . 2009.  A review of the risks and disease transmission associated with aerosol generating medical procedures. British Journal of Infection Control. Journal of Infection Prevention, Vol. 10, 122-126.

Thompson, K-A, G Thomson, H Mittal, S Parks, B Dove, S Speight, J Walker, J Pappachan and A Bennett. 2009 Assessment of the risk of aerosol transmission of influenza in intensive care units. EBSA.  Abstract.

Walker JT, P. Hoffman, A M Bennett, N. Tomlinson, M C Vos, M. Thomas. (2007). HCAI and the built environment - design and testing of infection control rooms.  Journal of Hospital Infection.  65, S2,  43-49.

Hoffman, PN, Williams, J, Stacey, A, Bennett, AM, Ridgway, GL, Dobson, C, Fraser,I & Humphreys, H (2002). Microbiological comissioning and monitoring of operating theatre suites. J. Hosp. Inf. 52 1-28.

Hoffman, PN, Bennett, AM & Scott, GM (1999). Controlling airborne infections. J. Hosp. Inf. 43 S203-S210.

Microbial Filter Testing:

Wilkes, A., J. Benbough, S. E. Speight & M. Harmer (2000). "The bacterial and viral filtration performance of breathing system filters." Anaesthesia 55: 458-465.

Microbial Air Sampling:

Turnbull, PCB, Lindeque, PM, LeRoux, J, Bennett, AM & Parks, SR (1998). Airborne movement of anthrax spores from carcass sites in the Etosha National Park, Namibia. J. Appl. Micro. 84 667-676

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