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Testing of laboratory and medical equipment

The control of exposure to microbial contamination, and prevention of the release of biological agents, are both critical in the healthcare and laboratory environment. Using the Biosafety unit's expertise in aerobiology and the handling of biological agents, we offer a wide range tests for laboratory and medical equipment.

We undertake a range of tests against current European Standards but also offer a service in which tests can be customised to evaluate novel or specialist equipment.

A selection of the tests we undertake are:

  • Dynamic microbiological technique (described in Annex AA of IEC 1010-2-020) for testing centrifuge rotors and buckets
  • Performance criteria for microbiological safety cabinets (see BS EN 12469:2000)
  • Integrity testing of medical devices e.g. catheter lines
  • Sterility assurance testing of medical devices

Biosafety publications in testing laboratory and medical equipment

Case Studies