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Health Protection Report (HPR)

Health Protection Report (HPR)



 Health Protection Agency

Publication date: 2007 onwards



The Health Protection Report (HPR) is the national public health bulletin for England and Wales, and is published weekly on Friday. It superseded CDR Weekly at the beginning of 2007.

As an open access journal, subscription to Health Protection Report is free.

Click to subscribe [external site] to Health Protection Report. The default format is HTML; you can request PDF format by editing your subscription request.

HPR is comprised of two strands: a weekly digest of health protection related related news (updated weekly), and surveillance reports, which include infections (routine microbiological and detailed epidemiological data/infection reports), chemicals, radiation, and emergencies. The Infection reports are published on a rotating monthly schedule, and include the following disease categories:


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Last reviewed: 26 September 2012