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Safe Supplies: Testing the Nation

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Prepared by the staff of the NHSBT/HPA Centre for Infections Epidemiology Unit;
Su Brailsford (Consultant in Epidemiology and Health Protection),
Lisa Brant (Senior Infection Surveillance Officer),
Caoimhe Cawley and Claire Reynolds (Infection Surveillance Officers) and
Lisa Byrne (Information Officer).

Publication date: August 2010



This report presents data on infections in blood and tissue donors for the calendar year 2009 together with antenatal testing data. The role of the unit in horizon scanning for new infections is also discussed.

Of note this year is the reporting of additional information on the testing of tissue and cord blood donors. Data are reported for hepatitis B anti-core testing and discretionary testing for malaria and Trypanosoma cruzi in these donors. Changes in the testing laboratories resulted in a new nucleic acid testing system being introduced with an additional test to detect hepatitis B virus DNA in blood donors. This test identified three individuals with early acute hepatitis B infections and in addition two donors with chronic infections which had not previously been detected by hepatitis B surface antigen screening.


An erratum applying to a small number of inconsistencies between the data in Table 2.2 (page 11) and the accompanying text was issued on 09/12/2010; the copy now available contains the corrected version.


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