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Quality criteria for an effective immunisation programme

Quality criteria for immunisation programme cover


HPA-coordinated expert advisory group

Publication date: July 2012



This document defines the key elements for the implementation and delivery of a safe, equitable, high quality, efficient immunisation service which is responsive to the needs of vaccine recipients and/or their carers.

This document is intended for all those involved in immunisation programmes, including commissioners, providers and advisors. Every aspect of the immunisation programme is considered—from ensuring that vaccines are handled properly, staff are trained and vaccines readily accessible, to the administration of vaccines to all eligible individuals as recommended by JCVI. It is intended that these quality criteria are not context specific and can be applied to any setting in which vaccines are administered, for example, primary care, secondary care, schools, care homes, prisons, occupational health, travel clinics, independent immunisation clinics and domiciliary and traveller sites.

These quality criteria provide a useful framework for all staff involved in commissioning, designing, providing and auditing immunisation services. They are not designed to be used for performance management but should facilitate the  development of consistent and realistic standards for such management.

This document is set out in the following sections—vaccine accessibility, assessment prior to immunisation, effective communication about vaccines, transport, storage and handling, documentation, adverse event/incident reporting, training and co-ordination.


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Last reviewed: 27 July 2012