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HPA-CRCE-011 - Children's Environment and Health Action Plan (CEHAP)

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Dr Lorraine Stewart, Dr Patrick Saunders, Dr John Kemm
CRCE, Health Protection Agency

Publication date: December 2010

ISBN: 978-0-85951-683-9



At the World Health Organization's (WHO) fourth Ministerial conference "The future for our children" in Budapest (2004) the WHO European Member States made a commitment to the Children's Environment and Health Action Plan for Europe (CEHAPE). The aim of the CEHAPE programme is to develop and implement national plans and policies to address local priorities to reduce the burden of disease among children caused by environmental risk factors. The United Kingdom's (UK) response has included the development of (i) a Children's Environment and Health Strategy and Action Plan for the UK and (ii) this environmental health toolkit which will help with the delivery of the Strategy. The programme entails developing a core set of environmental and health indicators to describe and characterise the burden of disease and hazards among children at a local authority level within Government Office Regions (GOR) of England, and Wales. 

It is hoped that this environmental health indicators toolkit will provide a tool to assist in assessing the distribution of children's environmental health issues, highlighting priority areas for improvement and monitoring the impact of appropriate interventions. The information provided in the report should be regarded as a basis on which the impact of the environment on children's health can be assessed and can be widened or narrowed as necessary to reflect the specific needs of the region undertaking the assessment. 

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Last reviewed: 5 August 2013