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HPA-RPD-051 - Radon in Dwellings in Scotland: 2008 Review and Atlas

2008 RCE7 front cover


B M R Green, J C H Miles and D M Rees

Publication date: April 2009

ISBN: ISBN 978-0-85951-634-1



This report has been superseded by the Indicative Atlas of Radon in Scotland (HPA-CRCE-023).


This report details a project, funded by the Scottish Government, to map radon levels in homes throughout Scotland and brings together all the data held in the UK national radon database on radon levels in Scottish dwellings. It updates previous reports and presents the first complete radon probability map for the whole of Scotland including the inhabited off-shore islands.

Data from radon measurements in over 19,000 Scottish dwellings are presented in tabular format by local authority and by various divisions of the postcode system. The radon probability maps are based on the national grid system and show some geographical detail, such as council boundaries, settlements and major roads.

A number of radon Affected Areas are identified on the maps. These are areas where there is a 1% or greater probability of the radon level in a dwelling exceeding the Action Level. It is recommended that a phased programme should be undertaken in the higher probability areas with the twin objectives of identifying homes with high radon levels and encouraging owners and landlords to reduce such levels.

Figure 2 Overall map of radon Affected Areas in Scotland (axis numbers are the 100-km coordinates of the National Grid)
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