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HIV is associated with serious morbidity, high costs of treatment and care, significant mortality and high number of potential years of life lost. Thousands of individuals are diagnosed with HIV each year. The infection is still frequently regarded as stigmatising and has a prolonged ‘silent’ period during which it often remains undiagnosed.

Anti-retroviral therapy has resulted in substantial reductions in AIDS incidence and deaths in the UK. People diagnosed promptly with HIV can expect near normal life expectancy. Challenges remain, with high rates of late HIV diagnoses and an ageing population.


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HIV/STI Reports and Meetings

Links to HIV and STIs Reports and PowerPoint presentations of HIV/STI meetings.

›› HIV/STI Reports and Meetings 

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HIV Data

Links to the latest data from the HIV and AIDS Reporting System. Includes new HIV diagnoses, recently acquired HIV infection, late HIV diagnoses, numbers accessing HIV care and quality of care markers.

›› HIV Data

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HIV Surveillance Systems

Further information about the methods used to provide HIV surveillance data.

›› HIV Surveillance Systems

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HIV/STI Prevention

Recommendations for individuals to protect themselves from infection and resources for healthcare professionals, commissioners and Local Authorities.

›› HIV/STI Prevention