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HIV and STIs Statistics

Surveillance scientist at work

Where the incidence/prevalence of STIs is high in a country, then there is the possibility of high rates of sexual transmission of HIV. Monitoring trends in STIs provides valuable insight into the likelihood of the importance of sexual transmission of HIV within a country, and is part of second generation surveillance.



  • New HIV Diagnoses
  • Overall HIV Prevalence
  • Accessing HIV care (SOPHID)
  • HIV Incidence
  • ARV HIV Resistance
  • Surveillance of CD4 cell counts
  • Unlinked Anonymous HIV Serosurveillance neonatal DBS
  • Unlinked Anonymous HIV Serosurveillance of Genito-urinary Medicine Clinic Attendees
  • Oral Fluid Unlinked Anonymous Survey of Injecting Drug Users


  • STI Annual Data Tables
  • Gonococcal Resistance to Anti-microbial Surveillance Programme (GRASP)
  • Enhanced surveillance for Lymphogranuloma Venereum (LGV) 
  • Human Papillomavirus Surveillance (HPV)
  • Significant occupational exposures of healthcare workers to blood-borne viruses
  • HTLV surveillance