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Surveillance Data

The Sentinel Surveillance programme produces a series of routine outputs which include:

Quarterly Health Protection Reports (HPRs): These describe patterns of hepatitis( A, B, C, D and E)  HIV and HTLV  testing during the previous quarter, along with additional information on oral and dried blood spot testing.

Annual Reports: This published during the third quarter of each year and describe patterns of hepatitis HIV and HTLV  testing during the previous year, as well as trends in testing and positivity. This year, data for 2012 will be presented, alongside trends in testing between 2008 and 2012.

Annual Health Protection Report: This provides an overview of testing for hepatitis (A, B, C, D and E) HIV and HTLV during the last year (2012).

Routine reports:

Current Reports

Previous Reports

Annual HPR

Quarterly HPRs


In addition, information collected through the Sentinel Surveillance system has been used to produce a number of peer-reviewed articles, posters and presentations, which include:

Brant L.J, Hurrelle M, Collins S, Klapper P, Ramsay, M. Using automated extraction of hepatitis B tests for surveillance: evidence of decreasing incidence of acute hepatitis B in England. Epidemiology and Infection (in press) . 2011.

Brant LJ, Ramsay ME, Tweed E, Hale A, Hurrelle M, Klapper P et al. Planning for the healthcare burden of hepatitis C infection: Hepatitis C genotypes identified in England, 2002-2007. J Clin Virol 2010;48(2):115-9.

Brant LJ, Boxall E. The problem with using computer programmes to assign ethnicity: Immigration decreases sensitivity. Public Health 2009; 123: 316-20.

Brant L, Hurrelle M, Balogun MA, Klapper P, Ramsay M, the hepatitis sentinel surveillance study group. Where are people being tested for anti-HCV in England? Results from sentinel laboratory surveillance. J Viral Hepat  2008;15:729-39.

Brant LJ, Ramsay ME, Balogun MA, Boxall E, Hale A, Hurrelle M et al. Diagnosis of acute hepatitis C virus infection and estimated incidence in low- and high-risk English populations. J Viral Hepat  2008;15(12):871-7.

Brant L, Hurrelle M, Balogun MA, Klapper P, Ahmed F, Boxall E et al. Sentinel laboratory surveillance of hepatitis C antibody testing in England: understanding the epidemiology of HCV infection. Epidemiology Infect 2007;135(3):417-26.

Brant, LJ, Hurrelle, M, Balogun, M. A., Klapper, P, Ramsay, M. E., and on behalf of the Hepatitis Sentinel Surveillance Study Group. Where is anti-HCV testing taking place in England? J Clin Virol 2006; 36(Suppl 3: S39. .

Brant LJ, Balogun,MA., Ramsay,ME, HurrelleM, Klapper, P. The Hepatitis C Denominator Study: contribution to the National HCV strategy for England. London: Health Protection Agency conference 2004.

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