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Rabies is an acute viral infection that is nearly always fatal. Transmission is usually through saliva via the bite of an infected animal, with dogs being the main transmitter of rabies to humans. The World Health Organization has estimated the annual number of human rabies deaths to be in excess of 55,000. Most of these deaths take place in developing countries, particularly in South and South East Asia.

Public Health England provides advice to health professionals on pre-exposure and post-exposure prophylaxis for rabies, and issues rabies vaccine or vaccine and rabies immunoglobulin according to Department of Health recommendations. It also provides advice about suspected human cases of human rabies.

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12 May 2014: Current status of rabies and prospects for elimination. Fooks et al. Lancet May 2014 [external link. Note that online version has supplementary video files]

12 May 2014: Rabies in France, update

10 March 2014: Rabies in Greece, update

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