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Surveillance (reporting) forms

To report a new suspect or probable case use the surveillance and reporting form.

To report on the clinical progress of a previously notified case, please complete a follow-up form.

  • CDSC SARS surveillance form (PDF, 32 KB)
    From 30 April 2004, report any patient who fits the surveillance case definition of possible SARS to the Health Protection Agency, Communicable Disease Surveillance Centre (CDSC) duty doctor by telephone on 020 8200 6868.
    Added/updated: 27 February 2009
  • SARS follow-up form (Downloadable file, 79 KB)
    From 29 April 2004 Complete follow-up forms 48 hours and ten days after the initial report. Once you have saved the file on your computer you can open it in Word, fill it in, and email back to the address given on the form. Please do not enter data and email the form from within the web browser as this will email the page in raw HMTL code.
    Added/updated: 27 February 2009