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SARS references

  • SARS reference (on-line medical textbook). Kamps B, Hoffman C. (Ed) Third Edition October 2003.


SARS aetiology

  • Kuiken T, Fouchier RA, Schutten M, Rimmelzwaan GF, van Amerongen G et al. Newly discovered coronavirus as the primary cause of severe acute respiratory syndrome. Lancet 2003; 362: 263-70
  • Fouchier RA, Kuiken T, Schutten M, van Amerongen G, van Doornum GJ et al. Aetiology: Koch's postulates fulfilled for SARS virus. Nature 2003; 423: 240



  • Peiris JS, Yuen KY, Osterhaus AD, Stohr K. The severe acute respiratory syndrome. N Engl J Med 2003; 349: 2431-41.