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HPA-eLAB Information

HPA-eLab is a web-based delivery system for laboratory reports issued from the Microbiology Services division, Colindale.

For registered customers reports will no longer be posted, but will instead be made available as PDF documents 30 minutes after the results have been validated and released by MS Colindale.

On receipt of the report via HPA-eLab users may choose to save or print the report for their own local filing systems, or cut and paste the results directly from the report into their systems which will greatly reduce the chances of transcription errors. The system will also keep historical copies of reports for a period of at least 6 months allowing users to refer back to original reports.

Results of Pilot sites indicate that the system is easy to use and has greatly reduced local turnaround times due to the speed at which results from MS Colindale are made available.

How to Register

Benefits of using the system

Further Information (FAQs and User Manuals)