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Published on:
25 July 2014

Next update: 22 August 2014
Last updated: 25 July 2014, Volume 8, No 29 (PDF file xxx KB)

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Laboratory reports of hepatitis A infection, and hepatitis C: 2013

This two-part report which can be downloaded using the link below covers both laboratory-confirmed hepatitis A virus (HAV) and hepatitis C reports in England and Wales in 2013.

Two hundred and eighty three laboratory-confirmed cases of HAV infection were reported (the greatest number being among the 25-34 year-olds). There were 11,692 confirmed laboratory reports of hepatitis C.

The HAV report, for the first time, includes molecular data for samples submitted to the PHE Virus Reference Department, including phylogenetic trees, that illustrate the travel-relatedness of a significant proportion of those cases.

Hepatitis A and C (E&W), 2013 [600 kB PDF]

Annual report from the sentinel surveillance study of blood borne virus testing in England, 2013

This report – which can be downloaded using the link below – provides summary data for individuals who were first reported to the sentinel surveillance programme during 2013. Sections 1 to 7 describe testing and demographic information for individuals tested by venepuncture for hepatitis A to E, HIV, and HTLV. Section 8 describes dried blood spot testing of hepatitis B, C and HIV, and section 9 describes oral fluid testing of hepatitis B, C and HIV.

Sentinel surveillance annual report for 2013 [330 kB PDF]

NOTE. Supplementary tables for this report are included in the final PDF version of HPR 8(29) published on 29 July at: