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National Knowledge Service - TB

HIV testing information for TB patients

The National Knowledge Service – Tuberculosis (NKS – TB) provides information directly relevant to people who treat, prevent and manage TB in patients. The target audience are healthcare professionals, those with a duty of care, patients and members of the public.

A project board governs the overall direction of the project. The board comprises members from professional and lay backgrounds, with expertise in the diagnosis, control and prevention of TB.

In addition to developing information or resources relevant to NICE guidelines on TB, they identify gaps and important knowledge areas not addressed by the NICE guidelines.

For information about NKS - TB, please see the backround page.

  • National Knowledge Service background
    The National Knowledge Service is committed to facilitating the co-coordinating of all those publicly funded activities which generate, procure, organise, mobilise, localise or promote the use of knowledge.
    Added/updated: 10 February 2010