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Norovirus - published papers


Prevalence and characteristics of asymptomatic norovirus infection in the community in England.Phillips G, Tam CC, Rodrigues LC, Lopman B.
Epidemiol Infect. 2010 Oct;138(10):1454-8. Epub 2010 Mar 3.

Community incidence of norovirus-associated infectious intestinal disease in England: improved estimates using viral load for norovirus diagnosis. Phillips G, Tam CC, Conti S, Rodrigues LC, Brown D, Iturriza-Gomara M, Gray J, Lopman B.
Am J Epidemiol. 2010 May 1;171(9):1014-22. Epub 2010 Apr 1.

Vomiting calls to NHS Direct provide an early warning of norovirus outbreaks in hospitals. Loveridge P, Cooper D, Elliot AJ, Harris J, Gray J, Large S, Regan M, Smith GE, Lopman B.
J Hosp Infect 2010 Apr;74(4):385-93.

Norovirus outbreaks linked to oyster consumption in the United Kingdom, Norway, France, Sweden and Denmark, 2010. Westrell T, Dusch V, Ethelberg S, Harris J, Hjertqvist M, Jourdan-da Silva N, Koller A, Lenglet A, Lisby M, Vold L.
Euro Surveill 2010 Mar 25;15(12). pii: 19524.

Infection control measures for norovirus: a systematic review of outbreaks in semi-enclosed settings. Harris JP, Lopman BA, O'Brien SJ.
J Hosp Infect 2010 Jan;74(1):1-9.

Hospital admissions due to norovirus in adult and elderly patients in England. Haustein T, Harris JP, Pebody R, Lopman BA.
Clin Infect Dis Dec 2009; 49(12): 1890-2.

Host, weather and virological factors drive norovirus epidemiology: time-series analysis of laboratory surveillance data in England and Wales.>  Lopman B, Armstrong B, Atchison C, Gray JJ.
PLoS One. 2009 Aug 24;4(8):e6671.

Diagnosing norovirus-associated infectious intestinal disease using viral load. Phillips G, Lopman B, Tam CC, Iturriza-Gomara M, Brown D, Gray J.
BMC Infect Dis. 2009 May 14;9:63.

Deaths from norovirus among the elderly, England and Wales Harris JP, Edmunds WJ, Pebody R, Brown DW, Lopman BA.
Emerg Infect Dis. 2008 Oct;14(10):1546-52.

Contamination of the hospital environment with gastroenteric viruses: comparison of two pediatric wards over a winter season. Gallimore CI, Taylor C, Gennery AR, Cant AJ, Galloway A, Xerry J, Adigwe J, Gray JJ.
J Clin Microbiol. 2008 Sep;46(9):3112-5. Epub 2008 Jul 9.

Viral gastroenteritis outbreaks in deployed British troops during 2002-7. Bailey MS, Gallimore CI, Lines LD, Green AD, Lopman BA, Gray JJ, Brown DW.
J R Army Med Corps. 2008 Sep;154(3):156-9.

Transmission events within outbreaks of gastroenteritis determined through analysis of nucleotide sequences of the P2 domain of genogroup II noroviruses. Xerry J, Gallimore CI, Iturriza-Gómara M, Allen DJ, Gray JJ.
J Clin Microbiol. 2008 Mar;46(3):947-53. Epub 2008 Jan 23.

The evolution of norovirus, the "gastric flu". Lopman B, Zambon M, Brown DW.
PLoS Med. 2008 Feb;5(2):e42.

Analysis of amino acid variation in the P2 domain of the GII-4 norovirus VP1 protein reveals putative variant-specific epitopes. Allen DJ, Gray JJ, Gallimore CI, Xerry J, Iturriza-Gómara M.
PLoS ONE. 2008 Jan 23;3(1):e1485.

Structured surveillance of infantile gastroenteritis in East Anglia, UK: incidence of infection with common viral gastroenteric pathogens. Iturriza Gómara M, Simpson R, Perault AM, Redpath C, Lorgelly P, Joshi D, Mugford M, Hughes CA, Dalrymple J, Desselberger U, Gray J.
Epidemiol Infect. 2008 Jan;136(1):23-33. Epub 2007 Feb 21.

European multicenter evaluation of commercial enzyme immunoassays for detecting norovirus antigen in fecal samples. Gray JJ, Kohli E, Ruggeri FM, Vennema H, Sánchez-Fauquier A, Schreier E, Gallimore CI, Iturriza-Gomara M, Giraudon H, Pothier P, Di Bartolo I, Inglese N, de Bruin E, van der Veer B, Moreno S, Montero V, de Llano MC, Höhne M, Diedrich SM.
Clin Vaccine Immunol. 2007 Oct;14(10):1349-55. Epub 2007 Aug 22.

Detection by PCR of eight groups of enteric pathogens in 4,627 faecal samples: re-examination of the English case-control Infectious Intestinal Disease Study (1993-1996). Amar CF, East CL, Gray J, Iturriza-Gomara M, Maclure EA, McLauchlin J.
Eur J Clin Microbiol Infect Dis. 2007 May;26(5):311-23.

Inter-seasonal diversity of norovirus genotypes: emergence and selection of virus variants. Gallimore CI, Iturriza-Gomara M, Xerry J, Adigwe J, Gray JJ.
Arch Virol. 2007;152(7):1295-303. Epub 2007 Mar 15.

Linking healthcare associated norovirus outbreaks: a molecular epidemiologic method for investigating transmission.Lopman BA, Gallimore C, Gray JJ, Vipond IB, Andrews N, Sarangi J, Reacher MH, Brown DW.
BMC Infect Dis. 2006 Jul 11;6:108.

Noroviruses: simple detection for complex epidemiology.  Lopman B.
Clin Infect Dis. 2006 Apr 1;42(7):970-1. Epub 2006 Feb 27.

Environmental monitoring for gastroenteric viruses in a pediatric primary immunodeficiency unit. Gallimore CI, Taylor C, Gennery AR, Cant AJ, Galloway A, Iturriza-Gomara M, Gray JJ.
J Clin Microbiol. 2006 Feb;44(2):395-9.

Multiple norovirus genotypes characterised from an oyster-associated outbreak of gastroenteritis. Gallimore CI, Cheesbrough JS, Lamden K, Bingham C, Gray JJ.
Int J Food Microbiol. 2005 Sep 15;103(3):323-30.

Institutional risk factors for outbreaks of nosocomial gastroenteritis: survival analysis of a cohort of hospital units in South-west England, 2002-2003. Lopman BA, Andrews N, Sarangi J, Vipond IB, Brown DW, Reacher MH.
J Hosp Infect. 2005 Jun;60(2):135-43.

Epidemiology and cost of nosocomial gastroenteritis, Avon, England, 2002-2003.  Lopman BA, Reacher MH, Vipond IB, Hill D, Perry C, Halladay T, Brown DW, Edmunds WJ, Sarangi J.
Emerg Infect Dis. 2004 Oct;10(10):1827-34.

Clinical manifestation of norovirus gastroenteritis in health care settings. Lopman BA, Reacher MH, Vipond IB, Sarangi J, Brown DW.
Clin Infect Dis. 2004 Aug 1;39(3):318-24. Epub 2004 Jul 9.

Diversity of enteric viruses detected in patients with gastroenteritis in a tertiary referral paediatric hospital. Gallimore CI, Cubitt DW, Richards AF, Gray JJ.
J Med Virol. 2004 Jul;73(3):443-9.

National epidemic of Lordsdale Norovirus in the UK.Vipond IB, Caul EO, Hirst D, Carmen B, Curry A, Lopman BA, Pead P, Pickett MA, Lambden PR, Clarke IN.
J Clin Virol. 2004 Jul;30(3):243-7.

Diversity of noroviruses cocirculating in the north of England from 1998 to 2001. Gallimore CI, Green J, Lewis D, Richards AF, Lopman BA, Hale AD, Eglin R, Gray JJ, Brown DW.
J Clin Microbiol. 2004 Apr;42(4):1396-401.

Increase in viral gastroenteritis outbreaks in Europe and epidemic spread of new norovirus variant. Lopman B, Vennema H, Kohli E, Pothier P, Sanchez A, Negredo A, Buesa J, Schreier E, Reacher M, Brown D, Gray J, Iturriza M, Gallimore C, Bottiger B, Hedlund KO, Torvén M, von Bonsdorff CH, Maunula L, Poljsak-Prijatelj M, Zimsek J, Reuter G, Szücs G, Melegh B, Svennson L, van Duijnhoven Y, Koopmans M.
Lancet. 2004 Feb 28;363(9410):682-8.

Early identification of common-source foodborne virus outbreaks in Europe.Koopmans M, Vennema H, Heersma H, van Strien E, van Duynhoven Y, Brown D, Reacher M, Lopman B; European Consortium on Foodborne Viruses.
Emerg Infect Dis. 2003 Sep;9(9):1136-42.

A summertime peak of "winter vomiting disease": surveillance of noroviruses in England and Wales, 1995 to 2002. Lopman BA, Reacher M, Gallimore C, Adak GK, Gray JJ, Brown DW.
BMC Public Health. 2003 Mar 24;3:13. Epub 2003 Mar 24.

Molecular diversity of noroviruses associated with outbreaks on cruise ships: comparison with strains circulating within the UK.Gallimore CI, Richards AF, Gray JJ.
Commun Dis Public Health. 2003 Dec;6(4):285-93.

Two epidemiologic patterns of norovirus outbreaks: surveillance in England and wales, 1992-2000. Lopman BA, Adak GK, Reacher MH, Brown DW.
Emerg Infect Dis. 2003 Jan;9(1):71-7.

Viral gastroenteritis outbreaks in Europe, 1995-2000. Lopman BA, Reacher MH, Van Duijnhoven Y, Hanon FX, Brown D, Koopmans M.
Emerg Infect Dis. 2003 Jan;9(1):90-6.

Evaluation of a commercial ELISA for detecting Norwalk-like virus antigen in faeces.Richards AF, Lopman B, Gunn A, Curry A, Ellis D, Cotterill H, Ratcliffe S, Jenkins M, Appleton H, Gallimore CI, Gray JJ, Brown DW.
J Clin Virol. 2003 Jan;26(1):109-15.

Laboratory capability in Europe for foodborne viruses.Lopman B, van Duynhoven Y, Hanon FX, Reacher M, Koopmans M, Brown D; Consortium on Foodborne Viruses in Europe.
Euro Surveill. 2002 Apr;7(4):61-5.

Human caliciviruses in Europe.Lopman BA, Brown DW, Koopmans M.
J Clin Virol. 2002 Apr;24(3):137-60. Review.


Last reviewed: 26 November 2010