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This page contains links to all the guidelines available for prevention, treatment and surveillance of malaria.

  • Malaria prevention guidelines 2013
    The UK malaria prevention guidelines were formulated by the HPA Advisory Committee on Malaria Prevention in UK Travellers (ACMP). These guidelines are intended for UK-based visitors to malaria endemic areas and are not appropriate for use by those residing in endemic areas.
    Added/updated: 29 July 2014
  • Cryptic malaria
    This page aims to assist health professionals with the initial investigation and classification of cases of malaria in the UK where the route of transmission is unclear or unusual, i.e. 'cryptic malaria'. It defines various classes of cryptic malaria, outlines a protocol with a questionnaire tool for initial investigation, and discusses inter-organisation communication issues and responsibilities around such cases.
    Added/updated: 3 February 2011
  • Malaria treatment guidelines
    The UK malaria treatment guidelines were formulated by the Advisory Committee on Malaria Prevention in UK Travellers (ACMP) in conjunction with the British Infection Society. These guidelines are intended to define best practice for malaria treatment in the UK healthcare setting.
    Added/updated: 3 February 2011
  • Statement on homeopathic remedies for malaria
    The Health Protection Agency Advisory Committee on Malaria Prevention does not recommend relying on any herbal or homeopathic remedies for the prevention of malaria.
    Added/updated: 3 February 2011