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Further Information

User Manual

HPA-eLab user manual (PDF, 692 KB)

Setup requirements

IT requirements for using HPA-eLAB

  • Internet connection
  • Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768
  • Internet Explorer ver 6 or above
  • Adobe Reader ver 8 or above
  • Pop-ups must be allowed for the HPA-eLab website

General requirements for using HPA-eLAB

Your organisation must

  • regularly receive Laboratory Reports from MS Colindale
  • name at least one Customer Administrator to manage user registrations for your site
  • accept Terms and Conditions and Acceptable Use Policy documents
  • complete the registration process

Customer administrator vs ordinary user

A Customer administrator is responsible for managing their site user accounts, including:

  • approving user applications
  • resetting passwords
  • locking accounts 
  • changing security access levels

Customer administrators have access to reports and documents.

A user has access only to authorised reports and documents in HPA-eLAB.

Any number of users can register and use HPA-eLAB.  The only condition is that each site must nominate at least one customer administrator to manage their user accounts.

Users can register for multiple sites, and can use the same user name and password. Each registration must be approved by the site's customer administrator.

As soon as one administrator approves an application the user can log in to HPA-eLab and see the documents from that customer site. Access to documents for the other customer sites depend on the respective site's customer administrator approval.

Getting help 

If you are a Customer Administrator and need help, please contact the HPA-eLAB helpdesk on:

If you are a customer user, please contact your sites local administrator.

If you receive a report by mistake from another site, please contact the laboratory that issued the report (lab details are found at the top of the report).

Alternatively please contact the HPA-eLAB Helpdesk.

If you have questions about the content of a report, contact the laboratory that issued the report.