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Guidance for odour incidents

Complaints of odours are common and have been reported in association with waste disposal, water treatment, industrial installations and chemical incidents. Odours can be unpleasant and may affect one’s quality of life. Response to odour can range from annoyance, nuisance to health effects.

  • Odour frequently asked questions
    Odour frequently asked questions (PDF, 33 KB)
    This information provides answers to questions that may arise when investigating an odour complaint.
  • Odour complaints checklist
    Checklist for odour complaints (PDF, 79 KB)
    This guidance is aimed at environmental and public health practitioners, the document includes; questions to ask when investigating an odour complaint; information regarding odour charateristics and detection threshold levels and information regarding sensory effects of odour.
  • Articles published in the Chemical Hazards and Poisons Reports
    Articles published by the HPA on odour incidents and research into the public health impact of odours.